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Listen up, maggots.

You are not special.
You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake.
You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.
You are not a brooding outcast.
You are not an intellectual in a sea of idiots.
You are not a victim.
You are not innocent.
You are not different.
You are not misunderstood.
You are not immune to criticism.
You are not being 'trolled' by everyone who insults you.
You are not cool and interesting.
You are not a character from an anime.
You are just a part of something that will always be infinitely larger than yourself.
Get over it.
Okay, so far my poll is showing more people want to see me work on Critical Mass right now. If you haven't voted on that and you really want me to continue Wasteland, now's your chance to mention it, but I planned on starting Volume 2 of Critical Mass by the end of this year anyway. However, the problem is that Critical Mass pages take a VERY long time to do, considering they're tighter, fully colored, much more detailed, etc, so I probably won't be able to start posting them regularly just yet, I can barely keep up with Wasteland. And I still need to make new model sheets and do some background prep for Critical Mass. So now what? Well, I've had this idea rolling about in my brain for a while now...

Tales of New Chicago
While I'm working on the mountain of work it takes to produce Critical Mass by myself alongside paying work, I will tide you over with a little series I'm calling Tales of New Chicago. This will be an INTERACTIVE comic, as in, I'll post a panel, and you guys get to decide what the protagonist does to progress the story. Ever read Prequel Adventures? Er, there's also this... thing called 'Hamsteak' or something? It will be like that. As soon as I get new monitor cables for my tablet I will start posting panels of this, but you guys have to participate and give commands or it won't get very far. What do you think of that?

Another thing you can do to help the production of Critical Mass is become a patron to it. Patrons pay a monthly fee but they get goodies in return. The lowest tier is a mere 2 dollars per month to help me cover expenses of drawing. If you want a bunch of art from me, you can pick the patron tier for the art raffle and for as long as you're the only one on it, you'll get a drawing every single month. Mind you, I'll draw it the way I want, (hence the lower price) but you will get to decide the subject matter.

I also really need to do more art for ME. More studies, more fun character drawings, etc. It's just having time to do so that gives me trouble. I'm also about to start a horror campaign with my Pathfinder group, and I have an inkling to jot down everything they do and make a comic out of it, that might be fun. I have a lot of ideas but hardly any time to execute them because I'm constantly struggling with bills. Meh.


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A stupid faggoty punk
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am James, I draw comic books. Sometimes for myself, sometimes for other people. I also draw commissions. Yes, that is my job. Yes, it pays all my bills. If you would like to pay my bills, commission me to draw you art.

My own comic is available here:… It's about drugs and science and mutants and faggotry.

I never actually gave a fuck about steampunk, but fate would have it that when my best friend dragged me into it, people liked me and I became popular even though I'm a total poser.
I play tabletop RPGs and am GMing a campaign of my own because I'm a dork.

If the code to your locker is 24, 0, 17, I appreciate the hat.

Hey, wow, my boyfriend has a DA now!
You should look at his art and stuff, because he needs to finish more of it, and maybe he'd finish it if people looked at it and were like 'hey, you should finish more art'.



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