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Listen up, maggots.

You are not special.
You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake.
You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.
You are not a brooding outcast.
You are not an intellectual in a sea of idiots.
You are not a victim.
You are not innocent.
You are not different.
You are not misunderstood.
You are not immune to criticism.
You are not being 'trolled' by everyone who insults you.
You are not cool and interesting.
You are not a character from an anime.
You are just a part of something that will always be infinitely larger than yourself.
Get over it.
Like journals and news, that is. I've just been preoccupied with a kajillion things so anyway, here's a late-night ramble about the kajillion things I'm preoccupied with.

My pin up job takes like 90% of my art time because I have bills to pay and I'm poor. If I get more financial stability through Patreon I'll be less poor though, just something to keep in mind.
-Critical Mass
So I am currently thumbnailing and modelling Volume 2 for Critical Mass, I've also started sketching the pages. It's going slow, but it's going. I'll pick up the pace soon.
-Personal Art
I'm doing more personal art which is a big difference for me from just work stuff. Right now I'm inking a spooky picture of Proxy from my VTM game, and I'm sketching a study of a girl with a red skirt on so yeah, it's happening. Also slowly. I want to do a tarot deck of VTM artwork but that's a distant desire with all this other work. I also wanna make some spoopy paintings.
-Fan Art
I'm doing more fan art, next on my list is Homura of Madoka Magica, and Miranda from Mass Effect. I know those are two totally different things to do fan art of. Deal with it.
I have an idea for the next strip of TONC I just haven't actually written and drawn it yet. Need more audience participation! Anyway, it'll be funny and actually CM relevant too. In addition I have a stash of about 10 gag-a-day comic strips of CM lore that I never drew. I'm gunna draw and post those to keep ya'll occupied. Some day, when I have this elusive thing called time.
-Game Journalism Site
I have this thing where I'm supposed to do a game review site for ED but our code person dropped out after we had everything worked out so that was kind of frustrating, and I have a potential new code guy but I haven't emailed him yet with everything about how the site will look, and I have a bunch of articles to sift through and tidy up and I still need MORE ARTICLES for the site but I'm the only one taking initiative so it's a little hard to stay motivated. Anyway, if you wanna write a review of a game and have it published on a website, let me know.

Oh yeah, that's all just computer stuff. It doesn't include the fact that I have a house to clean, errands to run, a social life to stumble awkwardly through, a pathfinder game to run, a family to verbally abuse me, conventions to try and worm into, and a kitten I'm trying to adopt.
Oh crap, it's almost my birthday!

Maybe if I just sleep until 4pm every day they'll all just go away on their own...


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A stupid faggoty punk
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am James, I draw comic books. Sometimes for myself, sometimes for other people. I also draw commissions. Yes, that is my job. Yes, it pays all my bills. If you would like to pay my bills, commission me to draw you art.

My own comic is available here:… It's about drugs and science and mutants and faggotry.

I never actually gave a fuck about steampunk, but fate would have it that when my best friend dragged me into it, people liked me and I became popular even though I'm a total poser.
I play tabletop RPGs and am GMing a campaign of my own because I'm a dork.

If the code to your locker is 24, 0, 17, I appreciate the hat.



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