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Sci-Fi Thingy by Baconmoose Sci-Fi Thingy by Baconmoose
Another pin up for work. I got to do this one in my own style. I also got to pick the background and I went with the kind of thing I normally draw anyway, lel.
Over all, I really enjoy this picture. I’m glad you could do it in your style, because I think that these pinups always turn out better in it.

A few things that I find particularly unique about this picture: The orange highlighting alone is a key component to why I like this, but more so because of how you handles the highlights themselves. They move well with her curves and the slight changes in the color of the light itself adds to the impact of this. As always, I’m a sucker for your detail (the buckles, spikes, necklace etc), as well as the eyes. For the eyes, you chose a perfect color to more subtly contrast the color scheme of the picture. The background is perfect in this one, and the blob-ular designs are a nice detail to give the wall some extra interest, and the fact that the wall extends all the way to one corner of the picture is a nice touch. I love her shirt the best. The folds of the cloth flows the best on this piece better than in other places, the extra thick black lines help give it texture and the hint of orange at the tie is great. Also, her boobs are perfect.

A few pointers: I like that wall so much that I feel you should have placed her a little closer to it. It would have given the image a bit more continuity. The hand, I know hands are stupid and people shouldn’t have hands, and you’re always really good with them, so I only have one minor problem. The curve of the outside of her thumb into her wrist is just a tad too smooth. I feel like there should be a bump there or something. Her right shoulder needs a bit more trapezius. Since that shoulder is up at the same angle at the other (using her collarbone line as reference), her trapezius should be showing more like the left side. The curve of her underwear line on the left leg should be a little more curved, with the highest point slightly towards the inside of her thigh (about where the highlight is) since her whole leg is slightly angled in that direction. I’d change the tint of her bellybutton just a little, but it isn’t a big thing.

Other than that, you’re gold. This is a very nice piece, one of my favorites. I’m glad you had a bigger input on this.
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FayesWings Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
yay for teenie-meenie waists :)
RIF777 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool, I like your style.
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December 9, 2012
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